About Us

Frost Hats is a family owned brand created by me Yordan Petrov, and my wife Patrycja Morstin through our company “Morstin & Petrov Inc.” Our company and our brand was created in Brooklyn, NY, but since then we have moved the business to Piedmont South Carolina. Our goal is to introduce high quality European head wear to the American and the world market.

We offer sweat shop free products. We produce all our products in Europe and all the people who produce our hats and scarves are paid a fair European standard wage.

We strive to offer high quality items at reasonable prices. Although we are a US based company and our brand, and logo were created in the US, our family business actually spans on two continents as our hats are produced by my father in law in Poland EU. He has been one of the leading beanie hats producers in Poland for the last 20 years, and one of the biggest exporters of hats to Russia and other European countries. All the hats are made on the best German machines "Stoll" and are made of highest quality Italian and Turkish yarns.

We offer retail and wholesale beanie hats, and although we have plenty of hats designs posted on our website, we would be more than happy to accept a custom hats design that you may want us to produce for you. Please check our website for some of the designs we offer, and request a pricelist for our hats.


Please contact us at:

104 Hornbuckle Drive

Easley, SC 29642



Cell: US 1-347-241-5088 



Web buzz about Frost Hats:

Frost Hats was recently featured in an online blog article in The blog article featured several great companies for kids clothing, and we were among the companies mentioned. The article specifficaly focused on Fall Hats. Please see the article below: