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Beanie Hats

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Wearing a winter hat can not only be extremely fashionable, but also come with its fair share of health benefits as well. Many women buy winter hats and scarves not just to stay warm in the winter but also to keep up with fashions for the season. Scarves, knitted hats and beanie hats for women can all suit individual styles and help to keep you warm on a blustery day. However with the right thermal clothing, including beanie hats, scarves, gloves and more it's possible that you can improve your health and reduce your risk for damaging skin conditions and more. Here are some of the top reasons to buy winter hats for women:

1. Lose less body heat: we lose about 30% of our entire body heat when exposed to the cold through her head. Exposing more of our heads means that we actually work at losing more of our body heat. Fleece hats, beanies and fleece scarves work as a great insulating fabric that helps us to keep all of our body heat in.

2. Wearing a scarf can keep even more warmth from escaping: just as the tops of our heads can expel a fair amount of body heat, our faces can expel the same amount as well. Keeping your face covered with a scarf or even just keeping your neck covered will provide you with a new form of insulation. Women's scarves for winter are a great way that you can insulate your body.

3. Our ears are one of the first surfaces to lose heat: because our ears are composed of such thin skin and have a fairly large surface area, when they are exposed to the cold these are usually some of the first areas to experience frostbite and heat loss. Covering your ears with winter hats is one of the best ways that you can reduce your risk and insulate your ears from growing cold.

Whether you're in the market for scarves for women, knitted hats for women, winter beanie hats for women or regular winter accessories for women consider purchasing and utilizing these items across the winter months to protect your body from the cold and experience a healthier winter.